Video: Michael Coren interviewt Tommy Robinson

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  1. Wachteres zegt:

    Dit bericht ontving ik uit Engeland van Britain First: Emma West, de jonge vrouw die van haar hart geen moordkuil maakte en openlijk kritiek leverde op de multi culti samenleving, moest op 3 januari voor de rechter verschijnen. De beweging Britain First komt voor haar op.

    Britain First is a patriotic political movement that campaigns to put British people first.
    If you love your country and want to make a difference then join Britain First.

    Fellow patriot,

    Emma West appeared at Croydon Magistrates’ Court today (Tuesday 3rd January) charged with two racially aggravated public order offences, one with intent to cause fear or provocation of violence.
    These new charges arose after a passenger, Ena-May Eubanks, said she hit her left shoulder with a “closed fist” – a convenient new development!

    Shockingly, the court gave out Miss West’s personal address, putting her at risk unnecessarily – this is an unnecessarily vindictive action.
    The liberal establishment seems hell bent on dragging Miss West over the coals for as long as feasible and to inflict as much stress and inconvenience as possible.
    Arrangements are also being made behind the scenes to raise public awareness of this draconian affair, but each one of us must play a part in the quest for real justice for Emma West and her children.
    Britain First mobilised for action as soon as the whole saga began and has been consistent and effective in helping Emma West, running an international campaign to have Emma West freed from jail before Christmas, which was successful.
    We intend to continue our support no matter what the authorities throw at her and we need YOUR help to ensure this young English mum is not made an example of for having the guts to speak out at the colonisation of Britain.
    Our campaigns team has created a new petition entitled ‘End the Persecution of Emma West’, and also a special page which allows you to send a message to friends and contacts, and also to share our new petition on Facebook and Twitter.
    We urge everyone reading this to visit our new petition page and use our viral tools to help spread the word about this ongoing outrage.
    Please click on the following link:

    Yours sincerely
    Paul Golding
    Campaigns Coordinator


  2. En dan vragen ze in den Haag of in het lagerhuis,waar om zijn de mensen toch zo kwaad en opstandig.Vind je het gek,Als ik naar deze vidio luister dan kookt mijn bloed al.


  3. Wachteres zegt:

    Verbijstering over lage taakstraf na mishandeling agent

    donderdag 5 januari 2012 09:36

    De achttienjarige Bilal el B., die een politieagent ernstig heeft mishandeld, heeft van de rechter een taakstraf gekregen van twintig uur. Politici en vakbonden zijn verbijsterd over de lage straf, omdat de overheid geweld tegen agenten juist harder wil straffen.

    Mensen, dit is Europees afgesproken. Dat kan niet anders. Onze politici zijn geschokt:



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