Ayaan Hirsi Ali kapot gemaakt door Moslimbroeders


Het Amerikaanse Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is erin geslaagd om te voorkomen dat Ayaan Hirsi Ali een eredoctoraal kreeg van Brandeis University. GeenStijl legt uit:

Onderbouwing: “While Ali is free to spew anti-Muslim hate –- including her call for violence against the entire Muslim world — in any venue she chooses, she does not have a similar right to be honored for that hate by a prestigious university.” Brandeis University geeft gehoor aan de eis en schrijft: ‘OK, huiswerk niet goed gedaan, we trekken de eretitel in. Sorry, moslims‘. (NYT)

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Over E.J. Bron

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15 reacties op Ayaan Hirsi Ali kapot gemaakt door Moslimbroeders

  1. Theodoor zegt:

    Geeft aan welk een tuig de moslimbroeders zijn en wat een ruime beschikbaarheid van geld inhoud om de wereld naar je hand te zetten.
    Ik krijg steeds meer respect voor Putin die probeert de christelijke waarden wel vast te houden en zal samen met China niet bezwijken voor de druk van de moslimbroeders.


  2. marie zegt:

    Ayaan gaf een prachtig antwoord :
    On Tuesday, officials at Brandeis University backed off granting an honorary degree to Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Alian, a staunch women’s advocate and fierce critic of Islam, due to many faculty members’ requests and a large online petition. Here is Ali’s statement in response to the university’s actions:
    Yesterday Brandeis University decided to withdraw an honorary degree they were to confer upon me next month during their Commencement exercises. I wish to dissociate myself from the university’s statement, which implies that I was in any way consulted about this decision. On the contrary, I was completely shocked when President Frederick Lawrence called me — just a few hours before issuing a public statement — to say that such a decision had been made.
    When Brandeis approached me with the offer of an honorary degree, I accepted partly because of the institution’s distinguished history; it was founded in 1948, in the wake of World War II and the Holocaust, as a co-educational, nonsectarian university at a time when many American universities still imposed rigid admission quotas on Jewish students. I assumed that Brandeis intended to honor me for my work as a defender of the rights of women against abuses that are often religious in origin. For over a decade, I have spoken out against such practices as female genital mutilation, so-called “honor killings,” and applications of Sharia Law that justify such forms of domestic abuse as wife beating or child beating. Part of my work has been to question the role of Islam in legitimizing such abhorrent practices. So I was not surprised when my usual critics, notably the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), protested against my being honored in this way.
    What did surprise me was the behavior of Brandeis. Having spent many months planning for me to speak to its students at Commencement, the university yesterday announced that it could not “overlook certain of my past statements,” which it had not previously been aware of. Yet my critics have long specialized in selective quotation — lines from interviews taken out of context — designed to misrepresent me and my work. It is scarcely credible that Brandeis did not know this when they initially offered me the degree.
    What was initially intended as an honor has now devolved into a moment of shaming. Yet the slur on my reputation is not the worst aspect of this episode. More deplorable is that an institution set up on the basis of religious freedom should today so deeply betray its own founding principles. The “spirit of free expression” referred to in the Brandeis statement has been stifled here, as my critics have achieved their objective of preventing me from addressing the graduating Class of 2014. Neither Brandeis nor my critics knew or even inquired as to what I might say. They simply wanted me to be silenced. I regret that very much.
    Not content with a public disavowal, Brandeis has invited me “to join us on campus in the future to engage in a dialogue about these important issues.” Sadly, in words and deeds, the university has already spoken its piece. I have no wish to “engage” in such one-sided dialogue. I can only wish the Class of 2014 the best of luck — and hope that they will go forth to be better advocates for free expression and free thought than their alma mater.
    I take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported me and my work on behalf of oppressed woman and girls everywhere
    The post Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Statement in Response to Brandeis University’s Craven Cancellation of Her Honorary Degree appeared first on Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs.


  3. Hendrick M. zegt:

    Reactie op Ayaan: Chapeau !


  4. Vederso zegt:

    Brengt de Volkskrant of NRC het schaamteloze nieuws ook? Frontpage Magazine besteedt er veel aandacht aan;


  5. Republikein zegt:

    Below zero.


  6. Igor Svoboda zegt:

    Hier word je stil van Marie, ze zet die elitaire troep wel in hun hemd.
    Ik heb die Brandeis ook een mail gestuurd, waarin ik ze dhimmi cowards noemde.
    Bedankt voor dit stukje.


  7. Lucky9 zegt:

    Proficiat Ayaan! Je reactie siert je meer dan een doctoraat honoris causa van een islamofiele universiteit dat zou doen. Als student zou ik met de rector van Brandeis een eitje te pellen hebben!
    Ik zou hem met alle mogelijke middelen maar één vraag stellen: “Lawrence, did you or did you not receive money from CAIR?


  8. Paul Zwueste zegt:

    Oh nee. Mevrouw Ali zal nooit opgeven! Het is allemaal een kwestie van tijd! Proost op de vernietiging van die verderfelijke islam tezamen met al zijn ongedierte!!!!


  9. Wachteres zegt:


    Joost Niemöller uit zijn verontwaardiging over de situatie ook.


  10. Jan zegt:

    Nieuwe overwinning voor CAIR zodat het in alle rust door kan gaan met terreur:

    New York police disband unit that spied on Muslims

    Het wachten is nu op de volgende marathon


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