“Echt waar. . . hij is bestemd voor vreedzaam binnenlands gebruik. . .”

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E.J. Bron
(h/t “Jan Wandelaar”)

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  1. Cathja zegt:

    In dat geval hebben wij geen bezwaar…..


  2. felix zegt:

    Foto van Hitler op bussen in Philadelphia. ( En er stond ook nog iemand anders op)


  3. luckybee zegt:

    Boooooooooooom zegt het ergens in Teheran of zo iets!!!!!!


  4. Shure!Dat geloven wij meteen;sorry voor onze ongegronde achterdocht!Pffff!


  5. Jan zegt:

    While Obama Kisses Ayatollah Ass, Iran Is Placing Guided Warheads On Hezbollah Rockets Pointed At Israel…

    Iran is placing guided warheads on its rockets and smuggling them to Hezbollah in Lebanon, a senior Defense Ministry official involved in preparing Israeli air defenses said Tuesday.

    Speaking at the Israel Air and Missile Defense Conference in Herzliya, organized by the iHLS defense website and the Israel Missile Defense Association, Col. Aviram Hasson said Iran is converting Zilzal unguided rockets into accurate, guided M-600 projectiles by upgrading their warheads.


  6. Aegolius cs zegt:

    FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD – Two Tribes(1983)


  7. Jan zegt:

    Egyptische tv presentator Tawfik Okasha tegen Netanyahu: “Bombardeer Iran”


  8. Jan zegt:

    John Kerry: “Ik zou willen dat de VS een leider had als Khamenei”

    Secretary of State John Kerry told his Iranian counterpart that he wished the United States had a leader more like Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, according to comments made by a senior Iranian cleric and repeated in the country’s state-run media.

    Ayatollah Alam al-Hoda claimed during Friday prayer services in Iran that in negotiations over Tehran’s contested nuclear program, Kerry told the country’s foreign minister that he “wished the U.S. had a leader like Iran’s supreme leader,” according to a Persian-language report on the remarks published by the Asriran news site.

    Dat die gek dergelijke idiotie uitkraamt zou niet verwonderlijk zijn, want enkele dagen terug is een Amerikaans vrachtschip door Iran gekaapt zonder dat het de Amerikaanse junta ook maar iets interesseert


  9. Jan zegt:

    Breaking: State Department Threatens To Arrest Reporter For Reporting On Obama Concessions To Iran

    Officials with the Department of State threatened to call security Monday on a Washington Free Beacon reporter who was attempting to report on a briefing held by senior Obama administration figures in Vienna on the eve of an expected nuclear agreement with Iran.

    Two State Department officials booted the Free Beacon from a room where Wendy Sherman, the undersecretary of state for political affairs, was talking to reporters, despite the Free Beacon’s being credentialed by the Austrian government for the ongoing Iranian nuclear talks.


  10. Jan zegt:

    Iran Made Illegal Purchases of Nuclear Weapons Technology Last Month

    More evidence of Iranian violations has now surfaced. Two reports regarding Iran’s attempts to illicitly and clandestinely procure technology for its nuclear and ballistic missile programs have recently been published. They show that Iran’s procurement continues apace, if not faster than before the Joint Plan of Action was signed in November 2013.


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