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8 reacties op FOTOSHOPPER Abbas

  1. Hendrik M. zegt:

    En het is nog helemaal waar ook!


  2. ildiko zegt:

    Dit las ik ergens: geef aan de Joden een Desert en ze zullen in een oase veranderen, geef aan de Palestijnen een oase, en ze zullen in een Desert veranderen.


  3. Jan zegt:


  4. Jan zegt:

    Meer haat,:Piloot zegt na landing in Israël ‘welkom in Palestina’

    Landing in Tel Aviv, Iberia pilot says ‘Welcome to Palestine’
    ‘He didn’t mention Israel once,’ passengers say; Spanish carrier apologizes, says pilot taken off Israel route pending probe

    During the flight from Madrid by Spain’s national carrier, the pilot announced in Spanish that he was preparing to land “in Tel Aviv, in Palestine.” In English, he subsequently said he was preparing to land “in Tel Aviv,” and did not repeat the “Palestine” comment; neither did he say “Israel.”


  5. Jan zegt:

    Abbas hands over Israeli ‘war crimes’ file to ICC
    Delegation led by PA chairman meets ICC, hands over a file documenting alleged Israeli “ethnic cleansing”.

    The PA was officially admitted to the ICC in April and has since launched a “diplomatic war” on Israel, which has included a barrage of petitions to the ICC blaming the Jewish state for various “war crimes” – while the PA and Hamas participate in war crimes themselves.


  6. Jan zegt:

    Gillende en krijsende kopsvodden van de Tempelberg worden vervolgd

    Temple Mount Screamers to be Prosecuted
    State agrees to indict Islamist ‘Murabitat’ group for violating Jews’ right to access Temple Mount.

    The Muslim women banned from the Temple Mount for harassing Jewish visitors may be subject to indictment by the State Attorney for their actions.

    The women, who are members of the Islamic Movement’s “Murabitat” group, were banned in September from entering the Mount for periods between 10 and 60 days, Walla! News reported on Thursday.

    Days later, Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon declared both the male “Murabitun” and female “Murabitat” as illegal organizations following recommendations from Israel Security Agency and the Israel Police.


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