ISIS-strijders uit de Sinaï krijgen medische verzorging in Hamas-hospitalen in Gaza


Plaatje van enkele koppensnellers en kannibalen van het huurlingenleger van ISIS (Daesh), hier in Irak, september 2015.

(Door: “Brabosh”)

The Jerusalem Post berichtte op maandag 8 februari 2016 dat gewonde terroristen van Islamitische Staat (ISIS/Daesh) die actief zijn in de Egyptische Sinaï, medische zorgen hebben ontvangen in hospitalen in de door Hamas gedomineerde Gazastrook.

Dat vertelde de Israëlische majoor-generaal Yoav Mordechai, de coördinator van regeringsactiviteiten in de gebieden [COGAT], in een interview met de Arabische krant Elaph:

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Over E.J. Bron
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3 reacties op ISIS-strijders uit de Sinaï krijgen medische verzorging in Hamas-hospitalen in Gaza

  1. Nikki zegt:

    Het wordt tijd om de Sinaï schoon te vegen van lente-terroristen. De lente is voorbij.


  2. Jan zegt:

    900 moskeeën, maar slechts 2 bibliotheken

    In this first-hand account, Jackson School of International Studies Professor Joel S. Migdal observes the political, social and economic situation in Gaza based on his visit there in winter 2016.
    I was flooded with impressions as we drove into the old city of Gaza. The first was, unexpectedly, that it looked nothing like India. Given the severe poverty, even humanitarian crisis, that Gaza as a whole is experiencing, I had expected the obvious and wrenching poverty that I had seen in some Indian cities or many other Third World countries,…… Instead, I saw hordes of children going to school, university students walking in and out of the gates of the two universities—both the children and the university students reasonably dressed. I observed morning shoppers buying vegetables and fruits from stands, shopkeepers opening their shops, and people walking purposefully to wherever they were going for the start of the day.

    But what was striking was how everyone quickly went on from those sorts of almost off-handed comments to criticize how the Hamas government or the people themselves are also responsible for the state of affairs. There was no obsessing about Israel, which I found interesting. Indeed, there might even be a general acceptance of Israel in terms of realizing that Israel will long be part of their future.
    My final meeting was with a fascinating character, Atef Abu Saif……
    Atef’s main contention is that there are actually two Gazas. One is the one run by Hamas and includes its supporters. …..The second Gaza consists of the Palestinian public in Gaza, engaged in all sorts of cultural and social activities outside Hamas’s orbit.


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