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  1. top of flop zegt:

    Europese geopolitiek is de bron van alle ellende, die de burger wordt berokkend.Alle burgers zouden de geldstromen richting Brussel moeten belemmeren zodat er weer een eerlijke samenleving kan ontstaan.


  2. vangie1206j zegt:

    Kan dat moslim zwijn hem niet die rotkop afsnijden.
    Doet hij 1 keer wat goeds.

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    • klaas zegt:


      Hatun first explained to me how it has been common place for her and her female colleagues to be closely surrounded by men and physically touched whilst at Speakers Corner. This physical groping has involved inappropriate touching including being grabbed and hugged from behind, kissed on the ear, and even touched and pinched on the breast. The behaviour has been going on for a number of years though has steadily got a lot worse over the last year.
      I asked Hatun why she continues to come to Speakers Corner and be exposed to such appalling treatment? She explained how some female team members have now stopped coming to the Corner. However, for Hatun, it is foremost her faith that continues to give her strength. She explained how she has taken some measures to protect herself, for example placing her platform against the railings so her attackers cannot attack her from behind and also to avoid staying in the Corner after dark. She has raised the issue with some of the more mature Muslim regulars at the Corner. Unfortunately this has either fallen on deaf ears, resulted in laughter or accusations that she is lying.
      Hatun stated that the Muslims at Speakers Corner have a clear view that women are of a lower class than men. When she complains to them about their inappropriate touching and behaviour this is thrown back at her as evidence that she has lost the debate. Her clothes are criticised and made fun of and she is treated as an object of abuse because she is not fully covered in a niqab or burqa.
      Despite frequently being surrounded by a baying mob of men, Hatun is determined not to give up as she feels this will mean they have won. Her main coping strategy is praying for her attackers.
      Even more shocking, Hatun told me about occasions when she has been recognised, approached and assaulted outside of Speakers Corner. On one such occasion she was called a hate preacher by a Muslim man, told that if she continues to criticise the prophet he would “chop her head off” and was spat at.
      Hatun feels strongly that Speakers Corner is not just for the Christians and Muslims but is for everyone. No one should be bullied and prevented from coming or exercising their free speech.
      The behaviour, intimidation and assaults that Hatun and her female colleagues have suffered is both appalling and unacceptable. It is telling that the use of certain words by some has resulted in a greater response than the actual physical and sexual assaults committed against others has. Clearly, at least within the realms of Speakers Corner, there is a defined hierarchy of importance when it comes to protected characteristics, with gender being significantly lower than ethnicity or religious faith.


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