“Je suis CHARLIE”!


Geplaatst door:
E.J. Bron
(h/t Greet de B.)

Over E.J. Bron

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6 reacties op “Je suis CHARLIE”!

  1. Jantje Beton zegt:

    Ik hoop dat morgen de beste cartoons van #CharieHebdo pontificaal op alle voorpagina’s staan.
    Dit schrijft de draai kont van het D66 pechthold.


  2. Jantje Beton zegt:

    @APechtold Bedoeld u ook dezen? pic.twitter.com/SjltVnpox1


  3. What is happening today is the result of the work of the policy of Sarkozy and Hollande, the UMP and the PS. They played with fire by arming and supporting the Islamists, now it is the French who burn and die ! Foreign policy supporting Islamists in Libya and Syria spilling over Iraq Islamization of France, a media propaganda supporting political harm UMP / PS by stigmatizing French denouncing the political treachery , lobbies of LICRA , CRIF giving orders to policies to boost immigration Arab-Muslim mass ! This leads to terrorist acts of Islamic fundamentalists who kill on our soil !
    The false media propaganda will deceive us more ! The reality we see through acts ” bruised ” !
    We wanted PEACE but forced to understand that we will have war!
    The treachery of our innocent KILL oligarchy France, Iraq, Syria , Libya.
    React firmly and without compromise.
    We the People, this oligarchy has betrayed us all .


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